Share Desi COVID-19 Info Cards by Equality Labs

Share Desi COVID-19 Info Cards by Equality Labs

During this time of unprecedented change and uncertainty, Equality Labs is working to provide tools for South Asian communities to build collective care for each other and become more resilient. As part of their work to combat disinformation during COVID-19 and equip our communities with the tools they need, Equality Labs has created a medically vetted series of Coronavirus information cards, in an expansive array of languages.
Disinformation during COVID-19 is more than just fake news — it can mean life or death in terms of how people take care of themselves and their loved ones. They designed these cards to be shared widely through social media and encourage you to share them, but as a set.  Find them in all 13 desi languages here.


Posted: May 13th, 2020
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