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Bollywood Fabulous – New York Times

In the early morning hours, the D.J. blared remixed Indian folk tunes that drew revelers onto the dance floor of the SoHo night club, gyrating their hips and clasping their arms behind their necks.As smoke was piped into the space, the Bollywood movie clips projected on a large overhead screen seemed to merge with the real-life version of Bollywood on the dance floor, populated by drag queens dressed in ankle-length

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Depressed & Desilicious – The Telegraph

In London, the brush with a Bollywood sizzler sinks Jade Goody. In New York, Bollywood makes a party sizzle. While Shilpa Shetty contended with Richard Gere’s tide of passion, her nemesis Jade Goody battled a tide of depression. The denigrated bully of Celebrity Big Brother told UK’s The People newspaper that in the aftermath of her racism row she contem plated suicide. Jade described how she considered downing a bottle

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DJ TOP 10 Ashu Rai – NEXT

Resident DJ and co-promoter of Desilicious, New York’s only monthly queer South Asian dance party, Ashu Rai toasts its fifth anniversary at Club Shelter on April 21st. Beedi (Indian Cigarette) DJ Suketu Remix Dhoom Again (Blast) Dhoom 2 Soundtrack Bombay Timbaland feat. Amar & Jim Beanz Spirits in the Material World Karsh Kale Dum Maro Dum (Take Another Toke) Asha Bhosle Punk-a-wallah’s remix Belly Dancing Apache Indian Yeh Mera Dil (Tis

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Desilicious in New York – India Times

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Sholay Productions Heats Up the Gay South Asian Scene – Indian Electronica

“They sing songs to each other, and the words are those that you would sing to your lover” A slim attractive man glides through the crowd at Pepper, a Tribeca night club. It’s a Friday night, and like most Manhattan clubs, this one is packed. He is dressed in an Indian looking t-shirt bearing an image of Jesus wearing a bindi (that infamous red dot). One perfect curl falls over

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Egoiste of the week Ashu Rai – EGO

Ashu Rai is the smoking hot DJ that rocks all the nights at the best queer party in New York: Desilicious. Her eclectic and fun mixes of modern and old Bollywood are a favorite of the EGO team, who you’ll find sipping cocktails and checking out the scene at any given Sholay event. We adore Ashu because she’s a businesswoman, a great DJ, super nice, and … did we mention

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Gay Take-Away Ashu Rai – Next

Next Magazine’s beloved celebs of New York nightlife reveal their favorite take-out joints. DJ Ashu Rai serves up a variety of spice every time she hits the turntables. She deftly mixes Bollywood Bhangra with bubblegum pop to create a tasty fusion of dance and drama. Her musical mixtos is well known among the devotees of Sholay and by New York nightlife lovers at large. But what does she mix up

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Dancing Loud and Queer – Mantram

The extravaganzas boast saree-draped drag queens, dazzling visuals and revelers of all ethnicities gyrating to Bollywood and bhangra beats. It’s all a spectacular nod to the queerness and culture of South Asia in New York and it’s at Sholay’s Desilicious parties that queer South Asians make the most of a long evening. Since Sholay’s Desilicious was christened in 2002, crowds have been flocking to the monthly parties. Highlights have included

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