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Next Magazine’s beloved celebs of New York nightlife reveal their favorite take-out joints.

DJ Ashu Rai serves up a variety of spice every time she hits the turntables. She deftly mixes Bollywood Bhangra with bubblegum pop to create a tasty fusion of dance and drama. Her musical mixtos is well known among the devotees of Sholay and by New York nightlife lovers at large. But what does she mix up at home when she’s hungry?

“As a Chelsea girl, I don’t really have a diverse variety of take-out or delivery cuisine available. My favorite quickie is Pita Hut (225 W 23rd St, btwn Seventh/Eight Aves, 212-627-1827); I love their tasty Kufta Kebob Platter ($9) and the Falafel Sandwiches ($3.25), Hummus ($3.25) and Baba Ganoush ($3.25) are a hit with my veggie friends.
Unfortunately, there’s a lack of tasty South Asian take-out in Chelsea. Visions of Bihari Kabob Kathi Rolls ($5) motivate me to journey east to Curry Hill’s Roomali (97 Lexington Ave @ 27th St, 212-686-5400). Another yummy option is Rice (115 Lexington Ave/28th st) If they’re not too busy, they’ll deliver to Chelsea. I recommend their Thai Coconut Chicken Curry ($9.50/lg) with Lal Qilla Basmati Rice ($1/sm, $2/lg).”

Ashu Rai spins at Sholay Production’s annual Pride bash Desilicious Tropical Bollywood this Friday, June 24, at Club Pepper (95 Leonard St @ Broadway). Visit for more info.

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Posted: June 24th, 2005

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