Past Desilicious Performances on YouTube

Past Desilicious Performances on YouTube

As we prep for our birthday bash later this month, take a look at our Sholay Events YouTube page for some memorable performances from the party over the years.  Some highlights below:

Payal and “It’s Rocking” from Club Shelter in 2007

Zeena Diwani upstages Britney Spears – also at Club Shelter in 2007

Queen Harish performing to “Aaja Nachle” at Color Me Queer in 2008


Hariqbal doing this thing in 2011 at Rebel to “Tun Tunak Tun Tun”


Bijli at our 5-year anniversary party at Club Shelter


The SALGA dancers at the Pink Pride Party at Rebel in 2011




Posted: April 9th, 2014

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