Halloween Hangover

Halloween Hangover

Hope you are recovered from the Halloween madness this year! We’re just catching up on all the gossip and interesting parties from Halloween ’09. We’re still waiting for pics from Allison Sarofim’s famed 80s bash. While we stayed in the city, some of the best parties were happening in the outer boroughs. On Facebook, That’s My Jam has been posting pics from their Halloween bash and Brooklyn Vegan has a great roundup of the most talked about shindig of the year, Vice Magazine’s $250K Halloween bash/15-year anniversary party in Williamsburg. From what we hear, Jesus Lizard was amazing, Bad Brains was boring and horrible (as usual), there were too few bathrooms, lots of flowing free beer and annoying and aggressive security.

And, across the world, Miss Malini takes note of the fact that Bombay was finally getting into the Halloween mood, though judging from the pics, it looks like some of their costumes still need work. And, while we are on the topic, I’d just like to remember our best Sholay Halloween parties, where our crowd came up with some of the most creative costume ideas!

Posted: November 2nd, 2009

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