New ABC Comedy on the Life of Madhuri Dixit (!!)

New ABC Comedy on the Life of Madhuri Dixit (!!)

With the barrage of political and Trump-related news and breaking alerts on Friday, one could also not miss the excitement from LGBT and South Asians Bollywood fans around the Tri-State Area (and worldwide) with the latest Bollywood bombshell.  ABC has greenlit the development of a comedy series about a former Bollywood star  (based on the life of Madhuri Dixit) and produced by Priyanka Chopra.   Priyanka confirmed the news yesterday on Instagram and as NDTV notes, Twitter worldwide has exploded with joy.  Also, a big congratulations to Sri Rao, who will be executive producing and writing the series pilot!  We can’t wait for the premiere!

Posted: July 30th, 2017

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