Grace Jones Hoops It Up to “Slave to the Rhythm”

Grace Jones Hoops It Up to “Slave to the Rhythm”

The best and only part worth watching of the Queen’s Jubilee celebration in London last weekend was a performance by Grace Jones, who was decked out in a red and black PVC leotard with a floor-length bustle and sky high headdress. The diva extraordinaire (who is also 64 years old!) performed a 4+ minute version of her 1985 hit, “Slave to the Rhythm”, on stage at Buckingham Palace, while hula hooping!

See the video below in all of its true diva glory – and to quote the Huffington Post, what you hear after the video is “…Beyonce and Lady Gaga running to their closest sports supply store to snag themselves a shiny new hula hoop.”

Posted: June 6th, 2012

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