Farewell to Rajesh Khanna

Farewell to Rajesh Khanna

“Pushpa, I hate tears” was one of his signature lines from “Aradhana”. He would want us to remember him smiling, dancing, romancing and singing. He was the first true superstar of Bollywood films. He made us laugh and he made us cry inconsolably in “Anand”. His songs still resonate especially when one is melancholic. “Yeh shaam mastani, madhosh kiye jaye” (this playful evening is getting me drunk) or “Zindagi, kaise hai paheli, kabhi yeh hasaye, kabhi rulaye” (life is a riddle, sometimes makes us laugh and sometimes cry).

RK worked with many well known heroines like Mumtaz and Sharmila Tagore and was rumored to have been involved with them as well. Who could resist his charms. Many kids in the 60s and 70s were named after him as women swooned with his name (including my mother). He will be missed. Take a listen/look to one of our favorites:

Posted: July 22nd, 2012

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