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Ashu Rai is the smoking hot DJ that rocks all the nights at the best queer party in New York: Desilicious. Her eclectic and fun mixes of modern and old Bollywood are a favorite of the EGO team, who you’ll find sipping cocktails and checking out the scene at any given Sholay event. We adore Ashu because she’s a businesswoman, a great DJ, super nice, and … did we mention she’s very hot?

As EGO’s article on the Sholay events said, “Leave your couture threads in the closet and check your inhibitions at the door, because we’re in for a night of pure unadulterated decadence – minus the attitude”. We stopped by one night when Ashu was spinning to get a few answers on what really rocks her world.

What do you do to earn and blow money?
I market, produce events and play music. Then, I burn through most of my earnings by just living and existing in New York.

Do you mind if your lovers have lovers?
Of course…after all, I’m just an old-fashioned girl at heart, plus I like being the center of attention.

How do you indulge your decadent side?
Mmmm….Music, multiple magazine subscriptions, good red wine, jeans, filling up my shopping cart at Whole Foods and mandatory Miami trips in the dead of winter.

If you could go back in time and take credit for any piece of work (literature, art, music, etc), what would it be?
It’s like asking about my favorite movie or book of all time. I’ll have to copy other “Egoistes” and categorize my choices with selections that represent my current state of mind and are, to me, pure perfection:

Literature: James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room (reading it for the first time in Paris probably helps)
Music: Low, the ultimate collaboration between David Bowie and Brian Eno; Nothing Without You (Tery Bina) by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Film: Coppola’s Godfathers 1 and 2
Art:Basquait’s “Tuxedo”

Who is your idol?
I idolize people who make me think, analyze and question, like my 1st grade teacher, my Political Science professor and my college Lit. professor, who taught me to appreciate the lyrical beauty of Shakespeare in relation to Kurosawa’s films.

I also admire certain individuals and their accomplishments and determination in the face of extreme opposition and violence, such as the late Marla Ruzicka, who was in Iraq at the time of her death helping civilians traumatized and displaced by the war.

What makes you fabulous enough to be EGOiste of the week?
My monthly desi queer parties, DESIlicious, which I throw with my close friends and business partners, Atif and Rajesh. Plus, we just re-launched our site, with more content and party images and it’s almost as fab as Ego’s site.

What do you think is the key to success in life?
Happiness and peace with yourself and those around you, the never-ending search for stimulation/knowledge/information and the perfect yoga session

What constitutes a “revolution”?
History of the last few centuries experienced the French, Russian and Iranian revolutions, which resulted in political, social, economic and cultural change and upheaval. But, nowadays we wouldn’t know a “revolution” if it happened in this country since it seems very outdated, like the term “anti-establishment”, thanks to marketing campaigns used by corporations like Volkswagen and Apple.

Who do you love to hate?
I don’t really love hating anyone, but I do despise (without any “love”) the current US administration (Bush/Cheney/Rove/and now Bolton). I worry about the long term damage inflicted globally over the past 4.5 years and I wish this “elected” president and his cronies were condemned to his fake Texas ranch clearing brush in 100 degree heat for eternity.

Oh, but wait, some celebrities are also so much fun to hate also, like Tom Cruise and Britney Spears.
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Posted: August 8th, 2005

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