Out Loud and Out of Lebanon

Out Loud and Out of Lebanon

Out Loud, the first gay themed film shot and produced in Lebanon will be opening at the Quad Cinema on October 25th. We are intrigued…check out the trailer.

Here’s a synopsis from the Quad: “The film follows a small group of friends who gather at Jason’s house in war-torn Lebanon. One night he hosts a party for his expanding circle of free-spirited friends. There’s the emotionally agile Louis and his ex girlfriend Nada, the drug dealing musician Elvis, Jason’s stunning new girlfriend Nathalie, And the gay coupling of Rami and Ziad. They are forced to face the harsh realities of their surroundings after Ziad shows up to the party bloodied, having been attacked by Rami’s family. They decide to flee to a home in a remote part of the country where they can forge their own path. Out Loud sets a new standard for LGBT cinema from an Islamic society and is relevant more than ever thanks to the battles between secularism and Islamism with the Arab spring.”

Posted: October 22nd, 2013

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