Oh Romeo! A Gay Bolly Spin on Shakespeare’s Classic?

Oh Romeo! A Gay Bolly Spin on Shakespeare’s Classic?

Rumor has it that director Danish Aslam (pictured above) is teaming up with producer Ekta Kapoor to make a contemporary adaptation of Romeo and Juliet with a gay twist. According to an unspecified source by The Times of India, “The casting will be locked only at the end of March. The story revolves around two guys from warring families and a girl. One of the guys is a closet homosexual. That makes the film daringly different.” ¬†Any Bollywood heroes men enough to take on the roles? According to the same source, the filmmakers may go for “fresh faces” with less to lose. Perhaps riding on the massive commercial success of Ram Leela and adding a splash of gay masala will be just the right formula for a runaway hit. Lets just hope they get the on-screen chemistry right.

Posted: February 7th, 2014
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