Shazad is June’s Man of the Month

Shazad is June’s Man of the Month

This month, the Men of India blog is celebrating  out and proud Indian men and look who’s gracing their cover for June? Yes, its our beloved Shazad—activist, model, fitness guru and overall adorably amazing desi man! You might have seen Shazad working it on the go-go box at Desilicious. Now check him out in these stunning photos by Andrew Adams.

The site explains why Shazad’s the perfect cover guy for June: “The last weekend in June, Toronto will play host to World Pride. A celebration of diversity, acceptance, and equality for the LGBT community.  As Toronto has one of the largest populations of South Asian’s outside of India, we thought it would be appropriate to feature a Proud Canadian/Indian.”—wait, what about the Pakistani part? ;)

If we could be in two places at once it would be NYC and Toronto! Hope to see Shazad back in NYC in the Fall. In the meantime you can connect with Shazad through Facebook: ; Twitter: @shazadhai  or Instagram: shazadhai


Posted: June 20th, 2014
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