Meet Sushant Divgikar – Mr. Gay India

Meet Sushant Divgikar – Mr. Gay India

Meet Sushant Divgikar, aka Mr Gay India, who will represent India at the 2014 Mr Gay World pageant in Rome this year.   With a Masters in Psychology, the 24-year old model also counsels LGBTI youth in India and hosts a show on the UTV Bindass channel.   Sushant credits his very supportive parents and family  and says he wants to be the voice of the “people who don’t have resources to come out of the closet”.  He goes on to state the “India is not about labels but talent” and would like to be the “next Mother Teresa in hot pants.”

You can read more about Sushant and his diet / workout regimen as he prepares for the competition. We wish him good luck!


Posted: August 5th, 2014

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